A sudden spike in flights tickets up to 40k amid cricket world cup final 2023 , ind vs aus .

A sudden spike in airlines fares has been recorded due to high demand over Ind vs Aus cricket world cup final 2023 in Ahmedabad on 19th of November in Narendra Modi stadium , due to this festive season flights fare were already on higher side but this surge in demand makes its even more higher.

A sudden spike in flights tickets up to 40k amid cricket world cup final 2023 , ind vs aus .
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India in cricket world cup final 2023

As India has made their fixed spot in cricket world cup final 2023 after crushing the New Zealand cricket team on 15th November in Mumbai where they beat them with 70 runs , as soon as India fixed their spot in finals Airline companies started rising their fares which were already on its higher site and now due to world cup finals its just cherry on the cake for the airlines companies.

For a flight from Delhi to Ahmedabad, you can expect prices to be between Rs 14,000 and Rs 39,000. If you’re traveling from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, the fares typically range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 32,000. Similarly, for flights from Bengaluru, you’ll find prices varying from Rs 26,999 to Rs 33,000. This information is based on different booking portals.

More Flights Arranged for the world cup match

Because of the high ticket prices, limited available seats, and the increased demand, airlines are taking notice. Some airlines are scheduling extra flights specifically for the cricket match. For instance, Vistara is introducing an additional flight between Delhi and Ahmedabad on the 18th and 20th of November to accommodate the travel needs of those attending the match.

Both IndiGo and Vistara have arranged one extra flight each between Mumbai and Ahmedabad for the two match days. IndiGo has also included additional flights on the Bengaluru-Ahmedabad and Hyderabad-Ahmedabad routes. Depending on how quickly the remaining seats are booked, more airlines might join in by adding more flights in the next few hours.

Passengers are actively seeking tickets through various means as they prepare for the match. The shortage of available hotel rooms adds another challenge. Consequently, there might be more flights added on Sunday morning to assist those who have match tickets but are struggling to find suitable accommodation.

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