Amit shah’s son Jay Shah Secures Another Year as President of Asian Cricket Council (ACC) on 31st january .

In a landmark decision,Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah has been confirmed to continue his tenure as the president of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) for another year. The announcement came following the ACC Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Bali on Wednesday, where Shah’s extension received unanimous approval from all member associations.

jay shah (ACC)
jay shah (ACC) , image – getty image.

Jay Shah’s Shocking Extension as ACC President :

Jay Shah, who also serves as the secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), is currently in the second year of his second two-year term as the ACC Chief. His extension was formally proposed by Shammi Silva, the president of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), and was met with unanimous support from all ACC members, as detailed in a press release issued by the ACC on Wednesday.

Assuming the ACC presidency in January 2021 from Nazmul Hassan of the Bangladesh Cricket Board, Shah made history by becoming the youngest administrator to be re-appointed to the position. The ACC presidency rotates among the full ICC members within the continental body, and Shah’s consecutive re-election marks a significant milestone in the organization’s history.

Expressing gratitude for the continued trust placed in him, Shah emphasized the ACC’s commitment to fostering the comprehensive development of cricket, particularly in regions where the sport is still in its nascent stages. “We must remain committed to ensuring the all-round development of the sport, with a special focus on regions where it is still in its infancy. The ACC is committed to nurturing cricket across Asia,” Shah remarked following his re-election.

jay shah (ACC)
jay shah (ACC) , image – getty image.

Speculation regarding the ACC presidency was rife leading up to the AGM, with discussions centered on the potential candidates for the position. Ultimately, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), whose turn it was next in the rotation, put forth the proposal for Shah’s continuation. Shammi Silva, president of SLC, commended Shah for his pivotal role in advancing the ACC’s mission of promoting and developing cricket across the Asian region.

“Jay has played a pivotal role in steering the ACC towards significant progress in promoting and developing cricket across the Asian region. Under Mr. Shah’s guidance, the ACC has been instrumental in unearthing and promoting new talent in cricketing powerhouses like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka,” remarked Shammi Silva, underscoring Shah’s contributions to the growth and prosperity of cricket in Asia.

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With Shah’s re-election, the ACC looks poised to continue its trajectory of growth and development, fostering the spirit of cricket and nurturing talent across the diverse landscapes of the Asian continent.

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