IPL auction will be held in Dubai, retention deadline extended

IPL auction going to take place in Dubai on . The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has officially confirmed Dubai as the venue for the Indian Premier League (IPL) auction which will take place on 19th december.

 IPL auction will be held in Dubai , retention deadline extended
IPL auction is on 19 december (image source – getty image)

The Indian cricket authority, BCCI, has officially announced that the IPL auction will be held in Dubai. The venue for the auction is set to be the Coca-Cola Arena on December 19, making it the first time the IPL auction will take place outside India. Initially, there were considerations to host the event in Istanbul last year, but those plans were eventually scrapped.

In a recent update to the teams, the BCCI has extended the deadline for the release of the list of retained players to November 26, pushing it back from the earlier deadline of November 15.

The salary cap for the 10 IPL teams has been set at INR 100 crore. This season marks the final year of the three-year contract for each player, with a mega auction scheduled for the following year.

The choice of the Coca-Cola Arena as the venue for the auction has been thoughtfully made. Known for hosting various high-profile events, including concerts and sports events, the venue in Dubai is expected to provide a lively atmosphere for the auction.

Although the trade window has been open for some time, there has been limited activity. It is expected that teams will release underperforming, high-salaried players before the extended deadline of November 26.

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