Shocking Mystery Surrounding Ishan Kishan’s Exclusion from indian squad 2024 : What’s Really Happening?

In a continues turn of events, Ishan Kishan, the once-prominent Indian wicketkeeper, has vanished from the national cricket scene. After kickstarting India’s World Cup campaign in October, Kishan has seemingly dropped off the radar, leaving fans and pundits puzzled.

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Ishan Kishan’s Sudden Exit During South Africa Tour

The plot thickens as Kishan sought permission from the BCCI to leave the Indian team midway through the South Africa tour, citing vague “personal reasons.” This led to his withdrawal from the Test squad, raising eyebrows and fueling speculation.

National Selectors’ Snub for T20I Series Against Afghanistan

Adding more fuel to the fire, Kishan finds himself excluded from the three-match T20I series against Afghanistan. National selectors opted for Jitesh Sharma and Sanju Samson over the former all-format player. KL Rahul has now taken over the wicketkeeper’s role in Tests and ODIs.

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Ishan Kishan’s Speculation Galore: Theories Abound

Since the BCCI squad announcement, wild theories have emerged regarding Kishan’s omission. Some suggest disciplinary actions for attending a TV show without permission, while others hint at a lack of communication regarding his availability after leaving the team in South Africa.

BCCI Silent on the Matter

The BCCI’s silence on the issue only adds to the intrigue. The lack of an official explanation has given rise to a plethora of speculations and rumors. With Kishan reportedly in India, attempts to contact him have been futile, creating an air of mystery.

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Jharkhand Teammates in the Dark

Even Kishan’s Jharkhand teammates are unable to reach him, raising concerns about his sudden absence from the cricketing scene. The 25-year-old chose not to play for his state in the recent Ranji Trophy game against Saurashtra, further deepening the mystery.

What’s the Real Story Behind Ishan Kishan’s Disappearance?

As fans eagerly await answers, the mystery surrounding Ishan Kishan’s sudden absence from the cricketing world continues to deepen. Stay tuned as we unravel the truth behind this enigmatic saga!

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