Major Changes at the (NCA) lahore as their important coach Mickey Arthur, Grant Bradburn, and Andrew Puttick Resign.

(NCA) lahore , Mickey Arthur, Grant Bradburn, and Andrew Puttick Resign.

In a significant development, Mickey Arthur, Grant Bradburn, and Andrew Puttick have officially stepped down from their roles at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Lahore. The trio, who had previously been part of the senior men’s team, underwent a major reshuffle following Pakistan’s disappointing performance in the World Cup, with new roles assigned to them in November 2023.

Mickey Arthur
Mickey Arthur , image – getty image.

Mickey , who held the position of Director of Pakistan men’s cricket before his stint at the National Cricket Academy , played a pivotal role in shaping the team’s strategies. However, in the aftermath of the World Cup debacle, he, along with Grant Bradburn and Andrew Puttick, was reassigned within the Pakistan cricket setup.

Mohammad Hafeez has taken on the responsibilities of the Director of Pakistan men’s cricket, a role previously held by Mickey Arthur. Hafeez’s extensive experience as a former captain and seasoned player brings a wealth of cricket knowledge to this crucial position.

Grant Bradburn, the former head coach, contributed significantly to the team’s development during his tenure. However, with the restructuring, his role underwent a transformation, leading to his resignation from the NCA.

Grant Bradburn
Grant Bradburn , image – getty image.

Similarly, Andrew Puttick, who served as the batting coach, has also parted ways with the NCA, marking the end of an era for this coaching trio.

The resignations come as part of an overarching strategy to revitalize and reorganize the coaching setup within the Pakistan cricket ecosystem. The decision-makers aim to infuse fresh perspectives and strategies to elevate the team’s performance in future competitions.

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The departure of these seasoned cricket professionals signifies a shift in the cricketing landscape for Pakistan. The cricket community awaits further announcements regarding the new appointments and the subsequent impact on the development and performance of the national team. As the cricket fraternity braces for change, the focus remains on the evolving dynamics that will shape the future trajectory of Pakistan cricket.

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