BCCI’s Big Move: Special Contracts For Rising Fast Bowlers In Indian Cricket

Big news from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)! They’ve come up with a special plan to help young fast bowlers in India. These contracts, part of a new system, aim to make sure we have strong, skilled bowlers ready to play for our country.

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BCCI’s Big Move , Plan To Help Young Fast Bowlers In India.

So, who’s getting these special contracts? Well, the BCCI picked out five talented players: Akash Deep, Vijaykumar Umran Malik, Yash Dayal, and Vidwath Kaverappa. These guys are going to get some extra support to help them become top-notch bowlers.

Here’s the cool part: these players will get to use the National Cricket Academy (NCA) whenever they need to. Normally, only contracted players can do that, but now these five bowlers can too. They can train there, get help if they’re injured, and use all the facilities without worrying about money.

Usually, players who aren’t under contract have to get approval from their state teams to use the NCA. But these lucky bowlers won’t have to worry about that. They can just go straight to the academy whenever they want.

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“It’s a fantastic move,” Bharat Arun remarked. “They’re forming a group of fast bowlers and giving them access to top-notch guidance from the NCA. These bowlers will benefit from top-notch physiotherapy and strength training that might not be available in their home states. Additionally, they’ll have the opportunity to learn from NCA coaches. It’s a brilliant and highly necessary decision,” stated the former India bowling coach, expressing his approval of the decision.”

The goal behind these special contracts is to make sure we always have a bunch of great fast bowlers ready to play for India. With cricket happening more often and players getting injured, it’s super important to have backups ready to go. So, the BCCI is investing in these talented bowlers to make sure they’re prepared to step up when the team needs them.

We don’t know all the details about how much money these players will get yet. But people are guessing it might be similar to what Grade C players get, which is about Rs 1 crore. That’s a pretty nice deal for these young bowlers!

Overall, this move by the BCCI shows they’re serious about helping our fast bowlers grow and succeed. It’s all about making sure India’s cricket team stays strong and competitive in the years to come.

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