Glenn Maxwell’s dangerous Night Out lead him to hospital , check out cricket Australia’s decision !

Glenn Maxwell had a night out in Adelaide that landed him in the hospital. He’s feeling embarrassed but is back to training. Cricket Australia is not planning to take any action against him. He’ll be part of the T20 squad against West Indies.

Glenn Maxwell
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The team is checking if he might have a concussion and how the night has affected his fitness and mental wellbeing. Glenn Maxwell played golf in the heat before the night out. He passed out after the show, was taken to the emergency room, but wasn’t admitted.

On Monday, Maxwell told George Bailey, the chief selector, about what happened, and on Tuesday, his manager Ben Tippett talked to Ben Oliver, the high-performance boss.

“He’s okay. I think a little bit embarrassed but that is fine,” Tippett told AAP. “Maxi has spoken to George Bailey yesterday. We’ve spoken to them, they’ve spoken to us and it’s done. It’s more like ‘you were in hospital and are you okay’?

“He’s back in training yesterday. He had time off for about a week after the BBL and he is back into training doing some specific stuff on his leg which he needs to do.”

Cricket Australia is firm in saying that they decided to give Glenn Maxwell a break from the ODIs after the BBL (Big Bash League), allowing him to go to Adelaide for the golf event.

However, there are concerns about Maxwell’s fitness because he had a broken leg last summer, and there are still rods in his leg. Team staff may question why he was out drinking when he should have been taking care of his injury.

Pat Cummins’s Statement On Glenn Maxwell’s Incident.

pat cummins
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Australia’s captain, Pat Cummins, mentioned that Glenn Maxwell might need to reconsider his habits and actions. Despite this, Cummins praised the team’s overall behavior, highlighting that the players have taken a leading role in shaping the team’s conduct.

“In terms of performance on the field you can’t ask much more from how we have performed but also how we have gone about it,” Pat Cummins said. 

“We are all adults and part of being adults is that you make your own decisions.

“In terms of this incident [Maxwell] wasn’t on tour with Australia. He was over there for a private event so it was a little bit different but absolutely, any decision you make you have to own it and be comfortable with it.”

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