ICC imposed ban on this Caribbean legend for Anti-Corruption Code Violation , 6 years ban…

Marlon Samuels, the former West Indies cricket star, got in trouble and won’t be able to play cricket for six years. This happened because he broke the rules against corruption set by the Emirates Cricket Board. The International Cricket Council (ICC) explained that Samuels was accused of four charges in September 2021, and in August of the following year, he was found guilty of these offenses. The ban started on November 11, 2023.

Anti-Corruption Code Violation
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The charges Marlon Samuels was guilty of include not telling the Anti-Corruption Official about any gifts, money, treats, or other good things he got that could make him or cricket look bad. This decision was made by the ICC after considering all the facts.

Anti-Corruption Code Violation

Article 2.4.3 (unanimous decision)- Failing to disclose to the Designated Anti-Corruption Official receipt of hospitality with a value of USD 750 or more.

Article 2.4.6 (unanimous decision) – Failing to cooperate with the Designated Anti-Corruption Official’s investigation.

Article 2.4.7 (unanimous decision) – Obstructing or delaying the Designated Anti-Corruption Official’s investigation by concealing information that may have been relevant to the investigation.

The ban on samuels was announced on Thursday 23 November by Alex Marshall the head of ICC HR and Integrity Unit, and he said, “Samuels played international cricket for close to two decades, during which he participated in numerous anti-corruption sessions and knew exactly what his obligations were under the Anti-Corruption Codes.”

“Though he is retired now, Samuels was a participant when the offences were committed. The ban of six years will act as a strong deterrent to any participant who intends to break the rules,” Marshall added.

Marlon had a amzing career which lasted for him over 18 years, Samuels made his appearrance in more than 300 matches for his national team West Indies and amassing 17 centuries total in his career.He in his career also captaining the Caribbean side in the ODI. With knocks of 78 and 85*, Marlon Samuels was the highest-scorer in the both T20 world cup finals of the 2012 and 2016 editions of the as the West Indies won their two most recent ICC trophies.

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