How India’s General Elections Could Shake Up the IPL 2024 Schedule!

The cricketing world is gearing up for the highly anticipated 17th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), slated to kick off on March 22. This premier T20 tournament is scheduled to run until May 26, just five days before the T20 World Cup begins in the West Indies and the Caribbean. However, India’s first match in the World Cup is set for June 5, creating a nine-day gap between the IPL conclusion and the national team’s World Cup campaign.

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General Elections Could Shake Up the IPL 2024

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has engaged in discussions with stakeholders to outline a tentative schedule. The proposed dates for the second season of the Women’s Premier League (WPL) have been set from February 22 to March 17, with Bengaluru and Delhi confirmed as the hosting cities. The official announcement of these dates is expected within the next few days, possibly on Monday.

As previously reported , the intricacies of the IPL schedule are closely tied to the timetable of the General Election. The BCCI is discreetly considering the window between March 22 and May 26 for the IPL, pending confirmation of election dates. Despite this uncertainty, the BCCI expresses confidence in hosting the entire league in India.

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Assurances have been received from most cricket boards, ensuring the availability of their players until the IPL final. However, the looming T20 World Cup, starting on June 1, raises the possibility of early departures for some players. At this stage, the BCCI’s primary concern is aligning the IPL schedule with the general elections and ensuring a successful hosting of the league in India.

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