Cricketer KC Cariappa make this video viral on internet about his and Ex-Girlfriend takes new twist in case.

In a shocking turn of events, Karnataka cricketer KC Cariappa finds himself entangled in a web of controversy with his ex-girlfriend, as both parties make serious allegations against each other. The 29-year-old leg-spinner has taken the unusual step of releasing a video in which he accuses his former partner of engaging in drug use.


KC Cariappa shares video evidence .

Cariappa, in his complaint filed with the Bengaluru police, claims that his ex-girlfriend is not only a drug user but also indulges in excessive drinking. The video, currently under examination by the authorities, allegedly features the woman using drugs. The cricketer has taken a firm stance against her, painting a picture of a tumultuous relationship marred by substance abuse.

“We will examine the video content that has been released and where it has been released. Procedural implications will be examined. The source of the drugs or the details of the drug peddler is also a part of the investigation. Action will be taken based on evidence. We will examine the legal implications and accordingly proceed,” the website quoted Bengaluru Police Commissioner B Dayananda as saying.

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On the flip side, the woman has fired back with equally grave accusations. She reportedly accuses Cariappa of impregnating her and coercing her into an abortion by providing abortion pills. Additionally, she claims the cricketer is involved in drug use, further complicating an already contentious situation.

The Bengaluru police is now tasked with scrutinizing the content of the video released by Cariappa, attempting to ascertain the veracity of the claims made against his ex-girlfriend. The legal proceedings and investigations into these disturbing allegations are expected to unfold in the coming days.

According to media reports, Cariappa revealed to the police that he entered into a relationship with a woman from Kodagu, and despite their initial love, he decided to part ways with her due to concerns about her alleged involvement in drug use, excessive alcohol consumption, and promiscuity. The cricketer vehemently denies any involvement in a forced abortion, refuting the accusations made against him by his ex-girlfriend.

As this controversial saga unfolds, the cricketing community and the public are left to grapple with the startling revelations, and the legal system will play a crucial role in determining the truth behind these serious allegations.

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