Maldives and lakshadweep Controversy , MS Dhoni’s Viral Video Sparks Interest check out right now !

In the midst of the ongoing controversy surrounding anti-India comments made by some Maldivian ministers, a video featuring MS Dhoni discussing the idea of exploring India before heading abroad for vacations has gained significant attention.

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MS Dhoni wants to travel India first , Maldives Controversy

While Dhoni is not known for frequently expressing his opinions on trending topics via social media, an old video of the former Indian cricket team captain has surfaced, shedding light on his perspective regarding the Indian Islands versus Maldives debate. In the video, Dhoni articulates his desire to initiate his leisure travel experiences from India before venturing into other countries.

Despite having traveled extensively across the globe during his active years as an international cricketer, Dhoni, along with his wife, expresses a genuine interest in discovering new vacation destinations, with India serving as the starting point for their leisure journeys. This revelation adds a personal touch to the ongoing discourse and provides a glimpse into the legendary cricketer’s travel preferences.

“Mostly, I do travel a lot but not for vacations. Frankly, if you ask me, I have not been on a lot of vacations. During my cricket playing time, mostly I would go to nations where cricket was there. I haven’t seen a lot because I was like I have come here to play cricket, I will play cricket and come back. So, not a lot of fun that way,” Dhoni said in the video.

“My wife loves to travel. So, now our plan is… we are getting some time off, we want to travel. But we want to start from India. We have so many beautiful places over here. I would like to explore them first before heading to different places,” he said.

What Is This Maldives Controvery , Amid PM Modi’s Visit To Lakshadweep.

The Maldives Controversy revolves around critical remarks made by Maldivian lawmakers, including a parliamentarian, following Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep. The comments implied that New Delhi was attempting to position the Union Territory as an alternative tourist destination to the Maldives. Alongside these statements, two other Maldivian ministers shared derogatory remarks along with photos of PM Modi from his Lakshadweep trip.

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These remarks triggered widespread outrage both in India and within the Maldives. Numerous prominent leaders, including former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed, condemned the comments against India, describing them as “appalling.” Nasheed called on President Mohamed Muizzu’s government to distance itself from these derogatory remarks. The controversy underscores tensions and sensitivities regarding diplomatic relations and tourism competition between India and the Maldives.

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