Rohit Sharma Abused His Team mates , amid India vs England 2nd Test .

Rohit Sharma, the captain of Team India, really wanted the team to give their all in the second Test against England. People were saying the team wasn’t putting in enough effort after losing the first Test, so Rohit wanted to make sure everyone was fully focused.

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During the second Test in Vishakapatnam, on Day 2, Rohit got pretty fired up and was heard on the stump mic shouting at the players. He used some strong language to tell them to stop being lazy and pick up the pace. It seemed like he was reminding them to play faster to keep up with the over rate and avoid getting penalties.

Rohit Sharma Abused His Team mates

“Koi bhi garden me ghoomega toh, #$…’, Rohit was heard saying on the stump mic.

Team India seemed lackluster during the second innings in Hyderabad as England dominated the game. Many fans noticed the absence of the energy that Virat Kohli usually brought to the field.

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The Indian team has taken notice of this concern and has become more lively on the field. Wicketkeeper KS Bharat has been particularly vocal, constantly trying to keep the team’s spirits up, and other players have also been more active, contributing to a livelier atmosphere.

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