Meet Akaay Kohli : Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma Welcome Their 2nd Child .

Virat Kohli, the Ex captain of the Indian cricket team, recently made headlines not for his performance on the cricket field, but for a joyous personal milestone on the birth of his son Akaay kohli. After missing the ongoing Test series against England due to undisclosed personal reasons, Kohli took to Instagram to share the heartwarming news of the arrival of his second child with his wife, actress Anushka Sharma.

virat kohli with anushka sharma
virat kohli and anushka sharma Welcomed Their son , image – getty image.

In an Instagram post, Kohli revealed that their son, named Akaay, was born on February 15th, adding another bundle of joy to their family. The announcement came amidst Kohli’s absence from the cricket field, as he chose to prioritize being with his growing family during this special time.

Kohli’s decision to skip the ongoing Test series against England was initially met with speculation and curiosity from cricket fans worldwide. However, his Instagram post shed light on the reason behind his absence, allowing fans to share in the couple’s happiness as they welcomed their new addition.

Virat kohli’s Son Name Is Akaay Kohli .

Anushka Sharma also took to Instagram to share the news with their followers, expressing their overflowing happiness and love for their newborn son. She revealed that Akaay is the younger brother of their daughter, Vamika, further delighting fans with the family’s joyous news.

 virat kohli son name is akaay kohli
virat kohli son name is akaay kohli , image – getty image.

“With abundant happiness and our hearts full of love, we are pleased to inform everyone that on 15th February, we welcomed our baby boy Akaay & Vamika’s little brother into this world! We seek your blessings and good wishes in this beautiful time in our lives. We request you to kindly respect our privacy at this time.”

Prior to the birth of their son, there were rumors circulating about Anushka Sharma’s delivery plans, with speculation suggesting that she would give birth in London. These rumors gained traction after industrialist Harsh Goenka hinted at an imminent arrival of a baby, sparking speculation among fans about the couple’s plans for their growing family.

Despite the rumors, Kohli and Sharma chose to keep the details of their family’s journey private until they were ready to share the news with the world. Their announcement not only brought joy to their fans but also underscored the couple’s commitment to their family and their desire to cherish these special moments together.

As the cricketing world eagerly awaits Kohli’s return to the field, fans everywhere join in celebrating the arrival of Akaay Kohli and wishing the growing family all the love and happiness in the world.

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